Monday, 17 June

Moving Lipton to Nigeria purely global decision - Unilever denies dumsor, bad economy links; says Ghana still good for investment


The relocation of the production of Lipton to Nigeria's Eketerra from Ghana is a global decision not because of Ghana’s economic crisis, Unilever Ghana PLC has clarified.

The Managing Director of Unilever Ghana, Mr  Chris Wulff-Caesar, explained during a tour at the company: “Certain decisions are taken at the global level, which sometimes impact us." "Sometime around 2019, we had to let go of our oils and spread business to another company upfield who are just next door to us", he cited as an example, adding: "And this is all part of a global strategy to focus on certain core categories within the organisation."

He said: “The tea story is very similar. This is not a Unilever Ghana decision. " 

"Let me be very clear: this is a global strategy decision to offload its tea operations to allow it to operate in a way that is more efficient and not as part of the current set-up of the way we operate as Unilever globally".

“The tea operations leaving Ghana have nothing to do with dumsor or activities in Ghana. It is a global strategy decision", he stressed. 

He noted that the new company, Eketerra, has "taken over that business and not Unilever Nigeria". 

"The decision started in 2021, it took time for it to take effect", he revealed.

To him, “Ghana remains a place for investment. There’s still investment going on in our factory. Unilever still sees Ghana as a good investment destination. Unilever is here to stay in Ghana.”