Monday, 17 June

D-Black finally explains controversial cigar-sharing video with Fella Makafui, asserts innocence

Rapper and music executive D-Black

D-Black has asserted his relationship with Fella Makafui is platonic, explaining the viral video which captures both of them enjoying cigars together in a club.

The video angered Medikal, Ms Makafui's alleged ex-husband, who called the club scene a show of disrespect. On a 3Music TV interview, he likened D-Black's actions to him sleeping with the latter's partner. The rapper doubled down on his displeasure with a diss track aimed at D-Black titled Just In Case.

In a Hitz FM interview, Fella Makafui, the mother of Medikal's daughter called Island, explained D-Black only kindly and innocently hosted her and her influencer friends from Nigeria in the club on the fateful day. 

Rapper and music executive D-Black broke his silence on Tuesday, May 21, 2024, via posts on X. He was responding to questions by concerned fans.

In Pidgin, he revealed actress Fella Makafui "came to a cigar launch party at one of my clubs" after they had "not spoken or seen each other for almost two years". Bemoaning the incident was being used to tarnish his name, he emphasised his innocence, adding his "mind and heart are clean," and so "God will handle the rest".

He expressed repulsion at the thought of sleeping with Fella when an X user hinted at an affair.

Denying sharing one cigar with Fella, D-Black clarified he just "lit a cigar she had bought while holding mine in my hand".

When another person suggested Desmond Blackmore, alias D-Black, explain things to Medikal over the phone, he responded with: "He knows how to reach me [phone emoji]." 

"I understand" how controversial the scene may seem "but I also don't understand" how it is being misconstrued and weoponised, he intimated, however.

Medikal and Fella Makafui married in 2020. According to Medikal, they are currently co-parenting. Whether they are legally divorced or simply separated is not clear, despite their public feud.

Source: Benjamin