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Eugene Baah: Top Accra FM talent crowned Producer of the Year at Eminent Awards 2023

Content creator and social media manager Eugene Baah

For close to eight years, Eugene Baah has been am indefatigable entertainment content creator for radio.

He felt understandably elated and fulfilled, therefore, when on Saturday, October 28, 2023, he was recognised as the Producer of the Year at the 2023 Eminent Awards, organised by Chilky Media, to celebrate hard work and excellence displayed by exceptional figures across areas such as entertainment, sports, entrepreneurship, leadership, etc.

Baah, began his work as a radio entertainment producer on Accra-based Happy FM's programme Showbiz Xtra. He was 24-years-old at the time. 

He has also worked with

A social media manager also, he manages Accra 100.5 FM's Ayekoo Ayekoo midmorning show and the weekend Entertainment Capital programme, both hosted by the award-winning Nana Romeo.

Though Eugene Baah enjoys interacting with numerous celebrities who grace his radio shows, he is particular about giving new and promising acts a platform to showcase their talents, and some have found both resourceful friendship and made headway through him.

| L-R: Highlife star Kinaata and Eugene Baah 

On Saturday, November 18, he narrated to Entertainment Capital's sit-in host, Prince Benjamin (PB), how his journey started. 

He delivered an acceptance speech for his Eminent Awards 2023 trophy and thanked the late Dr Cann and Nana Romeo for their words of encouragement, guidance and collaboration. 

"I thank my host Nana Romeo profusely. I was with Happy FM when he told me I am very good and so he looked forward to working with me. 

"I thank Dr Cann also, he is the one who brought me into the radio industry. I initially wanted to do sports or politics but he encouraged me to take up entertainment. After a while working in the entertainment field, he praised me in front of my mates, telling them I would be very great one day, and so I am not surprised I have won this award.

"When it comes to content creation, all the top pundits, no one excluded, agree my topics and production are exceptional. 

"Mind you, by God's grace I worked with the late Dr Cann, a great man of the entertainment industry. He was one of the best at entertainment punditry. 

"Nana Romeo, who brought me to Accra FM, currently is the best when it comes to trendy one-on-one radio interviews. I thank him greatly. 

"I thank all the musicians also. They honour our invitations and colour our shows. I have interacted with about 95 per cent of the top ones, either by phone or one-on-one, with the exception of Daddy Lumba. So I thank God for facilitating my work. 

"I can speak of many things till morning. I handle social media and production here at Accra FM – I am more popular for the social media work but what a lot of people don't know is that when it comes to production for entertainment, Romeo is my witness, when he says: 'He's smart'.

"Thank you," an excited Eugene Baah said. 

Source: Benjamin