Tuesday, 05 March

Kelvynboy: I've 'cooled down' on collabos but I 'hear' Abrewa Nana on my new song

Ghanaian music star Kelvynboy

Kelvynboy has revealed why he does not do as much collaboration now as he used to.

The 'Down Flat' revealed that necessity and spontaneity are the things in the way of collaboration now. 

Kelvynboy told this to the Culture Daily crew on 3Music TV, Tuesday, March 21, 2023.  

Jay Foley observed that the singer-songwriter was no longer featuring other acts or being featured. 

"I've cooled down on features," Kelvynboy answered.

According to him, features were "necessary some time ago," unlike now. 

Explaining, he said: "I can't just [get up and] do a collaboration just like that. It has to really [be necessary]."

The other reason, he gave, for slowing down on collaborations was "because, I think, I can do more songs on the spot."

Jay asked who Kelvynboy would like to feature on his new Highlife/Afrobeats song 'Be Like That'. 

While Jay mentioned Cina Soul and Sista Afia, with emphasis on the latter, his colleague Olele Salvador expressed interest in hearing Kelvynboy and Ria Boss together on the piece.

Kelvynboy, on his part, had a veteran in mind, however.

"I can hear Abrewa Nana... Legendary like that. Something like that," he said. 

Also, the acclaimed live music performer disclosed that he is able to do about "three songs," in a day even though he does not record every day.





Source: classfmonline.com/Prince Benjamin