Wednesday, 07 June

Kwesi Arthur eulogises Muhammad Ali in 'Pain Interlude' visuals, insists he's a champion in spite of 'several falls'

A scene from the official music video for Kwesi Arthur's new 'Pain Interlude'

Beloved Ghanaian rapper Kwesi Arthur has released the music video for his surprise release titled 'Pain Interlude'.

In the 3 minute video, Arthur is a boxer who is knocked down several times. At the end of the bout promoted as a 10-rounder, however, it is not Obiba J.K's hand the referee lifts but Kwesi's. 

In the chorus, he stresses: "No pain, no gain," and while lamenting betrayal by friends who have turned into foes, he confesses that: "I play[ed] with fire and got burned." He quickly adds a thought that rings true, perhaps, for every human: "Sadly it's the only way I fit [can] learn." 

According to the multiple hitmaker's A&R Sabogsa, the music video, an artful film by Kwame KODA, shot in black & white, eulogises the boxing great Muhammad Ali. 

Watch it here:

The HipHop track was produced by A SWXG.

Source: Benjamin