Monday, 26 February

'Lean On Me': FRA!'s latest song is an instant hit from FRA!ternity VII

Official cover for FRA!'s first 2024 single: Lean On Me

The FRA! band has officially released Lean On Me.

Given that the Highlife Funk band had teased the song's chorus on social media prior to their annual concert, and it had instantly become a fan-favourite, prompting numerous covers from fans and musicians, Lean On Me was the most anticipated performance on the night of the seventh FRA!ternity concert.

Finally, when the moment came, guitarist and singer-songwriter Nene Narh was welcomed on stage, joining FRA! to deliver a full performance of the piece which celebrates friendship, loyalty and reliability. 

The crowd ate it all up. As they enthusiastically sang along with FRA! and Narh, some could be seen literally leaning on their friends, sharing hugs, holding hands, and assuring their loved ones of their rock-solid dedication.

The seen vividly demonstrated that before Lean On Me becomes a commercial success, like 2023’s You Dey Feel the Vibe featuring Nana Yaw Ofori-Atta (One Man Thousand), it had the unbridled admiration and acceptance of old and new FRA!mily members.

What is more special is, today, Friday, February 9, 2024, the six-member band released the live recording from that fateful night, keeping the crowd's joyous chanting as the befitting climax.

Lean On Me carrys on from where FRA!'s I Go Dey 4 U featuring Six Strings left off, and was released via the Ghanaian band's Germany-based record label Delicious Tunes and distribution company Walboomers Music.

Read Walboomers Music's official release statement below:

Hear Lean On Me below:

| FRA!: Selorm (guitars), Martin (keyboards), Christian (vocals), Joshua (drums), Ishmael (percussions) and George (bass)

Source: Benjamin