Sunday, 23 June

People hide age due to ‘inferiority complex disease’, ‘fraudulent activities’ – Blakk Rasta

Blakk Rasta

Blakk Rasta has revealed he was born on “Monday, September 2, 1974, at 7:20 PM on the dot” and his mother told him he weighed 5.5 pounds on that fateful day.

He said this asserting anyone who hides their age suffers, firstly, from “a disease called inferiority complex”.

“Secondly,” he added, “some people also feel when they reveal their age, someone could stand on a fraudulent documentation they have and worry them legally.”

The media star expressed how he is “a clean human being” and his constant fearlessness in announcing his actual age even on radio, in contrast.

Furthermore, he noted: “I lived in Tamale up till I left for school in Kumasi” and “from Kumasi, I came to Accra straightaway”.

He was speaking to Nana Romeo on Accra 100.5 FM’s Ayekoo Ayekoo.

Nicknamed the Kuchoko Legend, the Reggae singer-songwriter observed the irony of “praying to God for long life and when he gives it to you, you hide it, while others reduce it”.

The radio presenter likened the habit to “asking a man for 20 and receiving 10,” advising “you should be happy he gave you 10 and pray for 20”. This, he said, is better than “claiming to have 6 when he’s given you 10 – it means you’re an ungrateful person”.

He encouraged people to “be thankful to God” and stop nonspecific birthday announcements like “I’m plus one today”.

Noting also some people hide their age for fear of being the targets of black magic, aka juju, he rebuked: “If you believe in God, why do you fear juju? If you believe God, praise God and give a testimony of the good things of God.”

Upon questioning, Blakk Rasta answered firmly he is a “very spiritual” person, adding it is best explained by the fact “I don’t wait till Friday or Sunday” to worship God; nor does he “wait till 1, 6, 7, or in the morning before I worship God”.

He said he is “half god and half human,” created in God’s image and thus “a godlet, you know, a small god” and “so whenever I feel to pray, no matter where I am, I pray”.

He disabused people’s minds of thinking “prayer should be 20 hours” or as “some say 10 hours and so on and so forth. Look, even one second of prayer is better than someone’s one million years of prayer”.

Black Rasta said even “thank you God” is a profound prayer, which is why “most of the time when I’m not talking, you hear me saying: ‘Thank you God, thank you Lord, thank you God’. If you’re a Muslim and you want to thank God, it’s: ‘Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah’”.

Source: Benjamin