Wednesday, 17 April

Social media the way to discovery, success – Kwaw Kese cites Blacko, Kwesi Arthur, co

Hiplife superstar Kwaw Kese

If there is any valuable advice to give an aspiring musician, it would be to leverage social media, Kwaw Kese has said.

He said he used to be approached by a lot of young artistes seeking advice and mentorship "but now, if you tell me to show you the way, I'll tell you to do social media".

He proceeded to cite examples of successful music talents who were "discovered on social media".

"Black Sherif, Fameye, Kwesi Arthur – and it took [just] one song for the world to realise these guys have it, and right after that they blew up," he explained, emphasising: "Now, the way is social media. That's what we are all trying to figure out."

Better than chasing "me to help you," Kwaw Kese stressed "the help is now [readily] there" on smart phones connected to the internet. 

"Put your stuff out! Continue putting stuff out. One day, one will widely appeal to people," the rap star challenged, pointing to Safo Newman of Akokoa fame as a classic recent example.

"One song's changed his life," the Dondo hitmaker noted.

He spoke to 3Music TV's Culture Daily crew.

The Hiplife superstar observed there are many new artistes "who are putting in [hard] work". He egged such on, noting "in this industry, one good song can turn your [fortunes] around".

Kwaw Kese's new Awoyo Sofo featuring Kofi Mole became an instant hit upon release on February 19, 2024. The song mocks religious leaders who abuse their power and congregation. 

Source: Benjamin