Friday, 29 September




Asked if she made money from singing BVs for then-VIP, she responded, "No."

"They gave me small change," she added. 

She indicated her readiness to speak on the time she worked with the legendary music group when the host Oyokodehye Kofi showed astonishment at the revelation. 

"When they went to Nigeria with Goodies, at the time I heard they had been asked to bring along the girl who backed them on vocals," with her left index finger, she touched her chin in reflection. "At the time, they had met a guy who was promoting them - I can't remember the name - he had asked them to go look for me and bring me to him."

"According to those who went to VIP, they told the promoter that, 'Oh, the girl is not important.' She's not important so they can't bring her."

"Lazzy, Prodigal and Promzy," did this, she stressed.

"They claimed I love money too much," Adjusting her shades on top of her head and her kente-print jacket, she added: "If not money, what else should I love? Who doesn't love money?" 

"Excuse me to say but if you look at how I am dressed sitting here, it's money that made it all possible," she again said. "How can I look good without money?"



Source: Benjamin