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Woman behind Monica hit ‘restored Kuami Eugene to his former glory’, deserves a gift – Prince Mackay

Prince Mackay, CEO of the prestigious Radio & Television Personality Awards

“You have to look for Monica, Kuami Eugene,” Prince Mackay, CEO of the popular Radio & Television Personality (RTP) Awards, has advised.

“Monica has been of immense help to Kuami Eugene so Kuami Eugene must go and help Monica,” he added, amidst what appeared to be stifled laughter.

Speaking on Accra 100.5 FM’s Entertainment Capital, Saturday, November 25, the event entrepreneur said he had heard the story behind the song, and found it “inspirational”.

“Monica, you’ve done well. You’ve given Kuami Eugene a massive hit. You’ve brought Kuami Eugene back home [to familiar territory] – I’m a realist and that’s why people don’t understand me. I’m straightforward.

“Look, bro, for some time now, we know he’s been struggling. From the time of his issues with Lynx, when he released Single, and then came other ones – you could clearly see Kuami Eugene was lost. I was telling myself the Kuami Eugene we know is lost. It looked like he was getting off his normal [path].

“It looked like he was going through some tough times,” he noted.  

Sit-in host Prince Benjamin (PB) recalled Eugene revealing he lost his grandmother and father consecutively in a short period of time, recently. This, he said, was why his latest album is called Chaos and Love. He explained the ‘love’, in the title, was about the support his fans have constantly given him through thick and thin.

“I didn’t have this information you’re giving me but I could tell that at that time he was going through something, because he was not the Kuami Eugene we know… Something had changed about the way he composes music. You could tell he had gone off track a bit,” Prince Mackay reacted.

He asserted, thereafter, that “Monica, the female, has provoked Kuami Eugene to come back on track. That’s why I said he should go look for her.

Just as he says in the song, “he should buy one of these little cars, Vitz, for her to do Uber business with, so she can stop what she currently does,” Mackay added. “Monica, tell Kuami Eugene you’ve helped him get a hit. You’ve restored him to his former [glorious] position.”

Furthermore, Prince Mackay argued strongly that though Eugene’s Monica was just recently released, it could beat King Promise’s world-famous Terminator to win the most popular song of year accolade at top music award shows come 2024.

Also, he said, considering Monica’s success, he will mention Eugene to the RTP management to look into booking him to perform for the media awards show on Friday, November 29, 2023, at the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC).

Meanwhile, in a television interview with Accra-based TV3’s Berla Mundi, singer-songwriter and record producer Kuami Eugene divulged that his new hit Monica is “basically” about “a loyal fan” who is “that one person on Snapchat that doesn’t give up on sending… content, you understand? She’s a content creator!”

Kuami chuckled mischievously, insinuating the Snapchat user was fond of sending him nude photos. Like some members of the in-studio audience, Berla laughed in reaction.

“So Monica is about her.

“I’ve never seen her before but she’s on my Snap.”

Stressing that he was telling “a real story,” he indicated the unnamed Snapchat user had been sending him nudes “for a year and a half now”.

Asked why he had not blocked communication with the unnamed female, Eugene lightheartedly answered: “I’m like a cat. I’m curious.”

Viewing her persistence as loyalty, Eugene said he had a private Snapchat conversation with her, during which she broached a one-on-one physical meeting.

According to him, he declined, telling her “I have a lot of shows” and they could rather “meet at some of my shows”.

She is yet to attend any, he observed, allowing, however, that she may have come to a show or two without approaching him.

On the back of this, he explained this is why in the song he tells Monica he “wants her close than the nudes so she should stop sending whatever she’s sending – I prefer seeing her…”

Eugene declined to affirm or denounce his amorous feelings for the mystery Snapchat user.

Source: Benjamin