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The best response by a father who learnt about daughter's first period

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Austin and Avi

Parenting is hard. Obviously. But when you're a father raising a teenage daughter, there are some additional challenges, since most grown men don't know what it's like to be a girl in middle school. That and well, biology. The "beautiful" experience of "becoming a woman"—aka menstruating—is foreign to most dads.

Nevertheless, as a father, you do your best to support your daughter, and that's exactly what a dad named Maverick Austin did in a now-viral Facebook post.

According to the post, Austin received a call from his young teenage daughter, Avi, saying it's weird, but she thinks she pooped her pants. So Austin rushed to the school to provide her with a fresh pair of underwear.

A few hours later, Avi called her dad to say it happened again.

"I’m confused and very annoyed because I’m super busy," Austin wrote. "I yell 'just wipe your butt better then stuff toilet paper in the back of your pants and I’ll have to call you back in an hour!' and I hang up."

An hour later, a lightbulb went off in Austin's head—and he realized it wasn't pooping at all. He left his meeting abruptly after apologizing to his colleagues and raced back to school—"speeding and having a panic attack because my child called me for help and I just 'left her to die on the battlefield'!" he wrote.

At school, Austin found Avi standing calmly in the nurse's office. He said that Avi was midway through telling him that she'd had her first period when he stopped her and told her he'd already figured it out.

"The stress of raising a daughter," Austin wrote.

Later that evening, Avi asked her dad if she would get something special, like when a tooth falls out.

"So I snuck off to the store and when she got out of the shower I told her “The Period Fairy” brought you something," Austin wrote.

In the photo, Avi is smiling with her bounty of cookies, ice cream, chocolates, and a "You Got This" card. The post has been liked more than 200K times, with some commenters saying they wish they had a Period Fairy growing up.

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Source: Menshealth