Tuesday, 23 July

Election 2024: Adenta Kumi now the saviour of the sinking NPP?

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Adenta Kumi

The political environment in Ghana is witnessing a spectacle of desperation and decay as the once formidable NPP finds itself teetering on the brink of irrelevance. 

With a trail of broken promises, corruption, and a legacy of economic mismanagement, the party’s grip on power is slipping, and its descent into political obscurity seems inevitable. 

In a last-ditch effort to salvage what remains of their crumbling facade, the NPP has resorted to the desperate tactics of propaganda and monetary manipulation, epitomized by their latest stunt of orchestrating a press conference for a virtually unknown lightweight figure, Adenta Kumi.

The absurdity of this spectacle can't be overemphasised. Adenta Kumi, a peripheral figure within the Movement for Change, has now been elevated to the status of a saviour by the floundering NPP, showcasing the depth of their desperation and decay. I pity that young man!

The party's willingness to squander state resources on such a frivolous propaganda speaks volumes about their detachment from addressing issues facing the nation. 

As Ghanaians grapple with the harsh realities of high unemployment rate, high cost of living, high cost of doing business, low standard of living and dumsor, the NPP is busy fanning the flames of propaganda with state resources in a futile attempt to mask their own failures. 

However, the facade is speedily crumbling, and the charade of Adenta Kumi’s non-existent 6,000 defectors, as their beacon of hope, only serves to highlight the profound depths to which the party has sunk. 

Truth be told, the party's demise appears inevitable, and their future prospects are bleak as they cling to delusions of relevance amidst their own downfall. Interesting times ahead!

Shalom shalom!


Source: Ebo Buckman