Friday, 08 December

A/R: No African swine fever recorded; enjoy your pork – Veterinary Officer

Pork meat

"No African Swine Fever has been recorded in the Ashanti region,'' the Regional Veterinary Officer, Dr Mabel Abudu has said.

While allaying the fears in the residents, she said, lovers of pork can go ahead to enjoy it without fear.

But she advised the public to purchase pork which has been inspected and examined by veterinary officers from appropriate markets.

There has been speculation that cases of swine fever have been recorded in the Ashanti Region after some districts in the Eastern region recorded a case.

Dr Abudu has, however, refuted the claim in an interview with Class 91.3 FM's Elisha Adarkwa allaying fears accompanying it, saying no case has been recorded in the region.

She said the 43 administrative districts of the Veterinary Services are on alert aside from inspections conducted before the movement permits are given for transportation of the pigs from one region to another.

A regular education, she said, is also organised for the pig farmers on the need to put in place, good security measures and best farming practices.

Dr Abudu, therefore, urged pork lovers to buy from appropriate markets and enjoy the meat because the disease has not been recorded in the region.

Source: Mensah