Friday, 08 December

Deliberate financing key to achieving net-zero emission – Opoku Prempeh at 24th WPC

Dr Mathew Opoku Prempeh making his point at 24th WPC

Energy Minister, Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh, has emphasised that achieving net-zero emissions in line with the Paris Agreement necessitates a concerted effort focused on technology transfer, infrastructure development, and deliberate financial support.

He highlighted these factors as critical to attaining the desired targets during a ministerial session at the 24th World Petroleum Congress.

Speaking under the theme ‘Energy Transition and What It Means for Your Country’, Dr Opoku Prempeh acknowledged the challenges facing the energy transition dialogue. 

“These challenges include limited technological capabilities, low productivity, weak capital markets, and high input costs,” he stressed. 

Additionally, he pointed out that Africa faces specific obstacles such as a significant energy deficit, insufficient human capital, and a lack of essential infrastructure.

In conclusion, the Minister emphasised the importance of addressing these challenges through technology transfer, infrastructure development, and strategic financial investments to effectively transition towards net-zero emissions and meet the goals outlined in the Paris Agreement.

Source: Mensah