Wednesday, 17 April

'You have to be corrupt as an MP to keep your seat' – Avoka

Zebilla MP Cletus Avoka

The financial demands MPs are confronted with on a daily basis require that they become corrupt in some way in order to satisfy their constituents so as to maintain their tickets and seats, Zebilla MP Cletus Avoka has said.

He told Accra-based Starr FM in a recent interview that in order to satisfy their constituents' mobile money demands, MPs have to find other means of raking in more resources.

“Everyday MoMo. Everyday MoMo," Mr Avoka complained, explaining: "Somebody is sick and has to go to the hospital, you have to send money; somebody is going to do a wedding, you have to send money; they are going to do outdooring, they are asking for you. They are asking for school fees and whatnot".

He pointed out: “Many of us lose the election or primaries not because we are not doing well but because we’re not giving money out". "How do you give money out if you come and stay in parliament for 8 hours debating?" he questioned.

"You’re debating for five or eight hours, you go home in the evening to sleep, and the following day you have no money to send. You have to go out and look for the money.”

Concerning the perception that MPs are corrupt, Mr Avoka noted: “If I’m not corrupt, how can I maintain my seat?"

"You have to be corrupt in one way or another", he said, insisting: "You have to look for more resources".

"If you have to look for more resources, you have to go out and do some work for a contractor. As a lawyer, maybe prepare a bill, or do this and that and whatnot? So, I have half attention here, and half attention outside because I need more resources to be able to maintain my seat.”