Tuesday, 11 August

Togo seizes cannabis at Ghana borders, prevents 1,000 Togolese from entering Ghana illegally

Ghana-Togo border

The Togolese anti-pandemic mixed special task force, FOSAP, last week, seized 285 cannabis bread pieces which were being smuggled into Togo from Ghana. 

The task force announced the seizure on May 19, indicating that it took place during a routine control at the border. 

It was also during one of the new force’s routine controls that nearly 1,000 Togolese citizens were recently intercepted while crossing the Togo-Ghana borders despite the latter being officially closed.

The citizens intercepted were placed under quarantine. 

FOSAP is a unit of 5,000 people established to enforce measures taken by the government as part of its COVID-19 response.


Source: Togofirst.com