Tuesday, 28 May

Ghanaian students in Serbia send SOS for delayed stipends


Ghanaian students studying in Serbia are grappling with hardships due to prolonged delays in receiving stipends from the Scholarship Secretariat.

The funds, earmarked to support academic pursuits, have remained stagnant for over a year, adversely affecting the students' studies and mental well-being as they navigate life in a foreign country.

The students, in an SOS, revealed their reliance on loans or low-wage jobs to sustain themselves.

These revelations come amidst heightened scrutiny following an investigative report by The Fourth Estate, which uncovered instances of influential individuals and associates of powerful figures receiving scholarships, diverging from the Scholarship Secretariat’s intended purpose of assisting academically gifted but financially needy students, both locally and internationally.

This disparity has sparked public outcry, particularly as students abroad continue to grapple with delayed stipends, impeding their academic endeavors.

Similar concerns have been raised by Ghanaian students studying in Hungary.

Source: Classfmonline.com