Wednesday, 17 April

Mother Tongue Day: Educationist urges learning for cultural preservation

Issac Tawiah speaking at the stakeholders engagement

An educationist, Issac Tawiah, has admonished pupils to hold in high esteem the learning of their mother tongue.

According to him, studying ones’ native tongue at the highest level of education will help preserve the language for the next generation.

He made this comment at the Domeabra Methodist Church in the Greater Accra Region, where the office of NCCE in the Ga South municipality celebrated the annual celebration at Domeabra Methodist Church with the two basic schools in the community, namely Domeabra Methodist 1 and Domeabra Methodist 2. 

He reiterated there are many job opportunities available for those who desire to study the Ga language. 

International Mother Language Day is celebrated annually on February 21st to promote linguistic and cultural diversity. The day was established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1999 as a way to recognise the importance of mother languages in the preservation of cultural heritage.

Books from the Bureau of Ghana Languages written in Ga were given to the pupils to read in order to engage their interest in the learning of Ga. 

Mr George Obeng Osei, the Municipal Director for NCCE Ga South, highlighted the importance of speaking our mother tongue as it promotes cultural diversity and ethnic tolerance. 

In conclusion, the celebration of International Mother Language Day served as a powerful reminder of the role that language plays in shaping cultural identities.

 The event not only honored the linguistic heritage of the Ga community but also reinforced the fundamental values of inclusivity and cultural preservation.

Source: Gyasi