Tuesday, 23 July

Re-branding schools: We’ll resist polices that’ll render us jobless – Institutional suppliers

National Association of Institutional Suppliers

The National Association of Institutional Suppliers has expressed concerns over the intended re-branding of school buildings and the introduction of new school uniforms for public basic schools in the country announced by the Ministry of Education.

The association says it is concerned as it has suffered on similar rumours since the onset of the Free SHS programme and recently on the establishment of the Ghana TVET Service.

A statement issued by the association indicated that most of its members lost their contracts in the technical/vocational institutes when, under the guise of the establishment of Ghana TVET Service, all technical schools were mandated to wear black and white. 

According to the association, “the contracts were again given to few individuals and at a cost far higher than what is paid to us.

“In some situations, the work is done outside the country, therefore, killing local industries and subjecting so much pressure on the dollar.”

The association emphasised that the Free SHS programme was meant to reduce the burden of parents but “not to collapse small and medium scale businesses to add to the critical unemployment situation as being perpetuated by the Ministry of Education now”.

The association warned that any attempt this time to introduce any policy that will go further to “render” its members jobless will be “fiercely resisted”. 

It urged the powers that be, to bring the Minister to order to refrain from “the dubious contracts that benefit only him and his cronies.”

Source: classfmonline.com