Tuesday, 23 July

Tobinco Pharmaceutical Training Institute holds its 6th graduation ceremony

Consequently, the role of the MCA practitioner has become increasingly important

The Tobinco Pharmaceutical Training Institute has held its 6th graduation ceremony with a call on medicine counter assistants to upgrade themselves to catch up with new trends in the healthcare delivery system.

On Friday, May 24, 2024, at the Sika Hall inside Atinka Media Village, 112 Medicine Counter Assistants (MCAs) from four different groups of the institute graduated.

Established in 2020, the Tobinco Pharmaceutical Training Institute has trained over 700 students who are excelling in the pharmaceutical sector across the nation.

The management of the institute awarded certificates to all of them and special awards to those who excelled in their academic endeavors.

The Tobinco Pharmaceutical Training Institute Administrator, Mr. Kinsley Nsiah Poku, and the Institute Director, Rev. Joseph Ahiable, stood in for the Institute to deliver the certificates to the graduating MCAs.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Apostle Dr. Christian Tsekpoe, a senior lecturer at Pentecost University who was the guest speaker for the occasion, noted that MCAs play a crucial role in optimizing medication use, improving patient outcomes, and reducing healthcare costs.

“Pharmacy has advanced rapidly in recent times, thanks to technological advancement, groundbreaking research, and evolving healthcare policies." As the healthcare delivery system continues to evolve, the MCA's role has shifted from the traditional focus of dispensing medications to a more patient-centered approach that emphasizes personal care and medication management.

Consequently, the role of the MCA practitioner has become increasingly important. With the advancement of technology, changes in healthcare policies, and the emergence of diseases, including COVID-19, the dispensing of medicine has witnessed significant transformations," he said.

He continued: “Today, more than ever, there is a pressing need for well-trained professionals who can adapt to these changing trends and ensure the safe and effective distribution of medicines.”

As a result, Apostle Dr. Christian Tsekpoe urged the graduates to upgrade themselves to keep up with the latest trends in the profession.

“I encourage all of you to embrace the dynamics of this profession as you embark on your journey as MCA practitioners. Continue to educate yourselves, advocate for your profession, and strive for excellence in all you do by staying up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in pharmacy practice.

“You can make a meaningful impact on the lives of your patients; you can contribute to the advancement of healthcare in Ghana and beyond,” he added.

For his part, Council Chair for TPTI, Mr. Maxwell Amekpor, urged the graduates to start networking because we are in an era of networking.

He also encouraged them to take training and graduation seriously because they have power in their hands.

He emphasized that entrepreneurship is the key to unlocking their potential for productivity.

Mr. Maxwell Amekpor observed that some of the graduates might be interested in pursuing entrepreneurship by opening pharmacy shops. He stressed the importance of engaging with corporate Ghana and expressed Tobinco Pharmaceuticals Limited's readiness to partner and support them.


"As you engage, utilize this channel for networking. The Institute is available to assist you if you encounter difficulties in registering your companies. This is a task we strongly encourage you to undertake as you depart from this place. Don't rely on begging, as you possess the power within your grasp." From this point forward, explore potential opportunities and take advantage of them, which will lead to self-employment, he said.


Source: classfmonline.com