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Anti-LGBTQI+ bill'll hurt Ghana's economy, int'l reputation - US Amb. warns

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Virginia Palmer, US ambassador to Ghana

The United States of America Embassy in Ghana has warned the passage of an Anti-LGBTQ+ bill by the Ghanaian Parliament will trigger a wave of dismay, particularly from individuals who emphasise its potential repercussions on human rights and broader societal implications.

Expressing deep concern, the US Ambassador to Ghana, Virginia Palmer, said she is saddened by the passage of the bill.

In a post on X, February 29, 2024, she highlighted its impact on the rights of individuals within the LGBTQ+ community. 

According to her, the bill infringes upon basic human rights of all Ghanaians and some smartest, most creative, most decent people she knows who are LGBT.

In her view, it also poses a threat to freedoms of speech, assembly, and the press.

Furthermore, she said the legislation may tarnish Ghana's international standing and adversely affect its economy.

Her comment on X comes after Ghana’s legislature passed the anti-LGBTQI+ on 28 February 2024, criminalising LGBTQI+ activities and prohibiting their promotion, advocacy, and funding.

Under the bill, individuals engaged in such activities face a jail term ranging from six months to three years, while promoters and sponsors could be sentenced to three to five years

"I am saddened because some of the smartest, most creative, most decent people I know are LGBT. The bill Parliament passed takes away not only their basic human rights but those of all Ghanaians because it undermines their constitutional rights to freedom of speech, freedom of…

— U.S. Embassy Ghana (@USEmbassyGhana) February 29, 2024

Source: Mensah