Thursday, 18 April

GA/R: Miracle Encounter donates to Korle-Bu Child Health Dept.

Health News
Rev Nathaniel Osei presenting the items to presentative of the Child Health Department of Korle-Bu

Rev Nathaniel Osei, the founder of Miracle Encounter Outreach Ministries in Accra, has demonstrated the spirit of love by leading his members in donating health products to the Pediatric Oncology Unit (Child Health Department) at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in the Greater Accra Region. 

The generous donation, valued at US$4,000, included essential health products aimed at facilitating the work of the dedicated nurses of the hospital.

Among the contributions, also, were eight wheelchairs and a television set. 

Dr Catherine Aduku, a representative of the Pediatric Oncology Unit, expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the numerous and expensive products that will significantly support health-related activities. 

While acknowledging the importance of the donated items, Dr Aduku emphasised the financial challenges involved in medical procedures such as scans and laboratory tests, among others, for patients.

She expressed excitement and gratitude for the donations, suggesting that future contributions could also include monetary support for patients who are unable to pay for services.

Rev Nathaniel Osei, told in an interview that their altruistic actions are not driven by a desire for fame or to follow trends.

He underlined that this action has been a continuous mission for him and his team since 2002, fueled by a sense of duty. 

Rev Osei disclosed that the financial support for such initiatives comes from within his organisation, highlighting the selflessness behind the efforts of Miracle Encounter Outreach Ministries.

In light of the month of February, considered the month of love, Rev Osei and his team aimed to bring smiles to those who may have lost theirs, hence the donation to the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

He credited the faithfulness of God for the success and growth of their charitable endeavours, expressing gratitude for the positive impact they have made not only within Africa but also beyond its boundaries.

Rev Osei shared that his organisation’s mission extends beyond Ghana, as they have visited prisons across Africa, including Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Liberia, Cote d'Ivoire, and more. 

He affirmed their commitment to this ongoing charitable work, emphasising that the rewards for their efforts come from God.

Source: Ohene Kwadwo Alidjah, CTV