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Amplifying Africa – Africa Wiki Challenge 2024

The challenge seeks to call upon African writers across the continent to unite in a transformative mission in amplifying Africa's voice

As parts of effort of telling the African stories the African way in a digital space, and increasing the continent’s representation on various search engines, the Open Foundation West Africa has launched the 2024 edition of the Africa Wiki Challenge on the theme: ‘Educate Africa; nurturing minds for the 21st century’. 

The challenge seeks to call upon African writers across the continent to unite in a transformative mission in amplifying Africa's voice and presence on the web.

In a digital age where information shapes perceptions and narratives, Africa stands at a crossroads. Despite its wealth of diverse cultures, histories, and resources, Africa often finds itself underrepresented in the vast online landscape. The Africa Wiki Challenge (AWC) emerges as a beacon of hope. 

The digital space offers boundless opportunities for storytelling and knowledge-sharing, yet, as of April 2024, African content accounted for a mere 2.69% of Wikipedia's vast repository of knowledge. Moreover, African contributors constitute only 1.91% of the platform's active contributors. This disparity underscores a pressing need to reclaim Africa's narrative and ensure that its stories are accurately represented and celebrated on global platforms.

Initiated by Open Foundation West Africa in 2021, the Africa Wiki Challenge has blossomed into a collaborative movement spanning over 30 nations, including Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, and beyond. United by a shared vision, participants have contributed to the creation of over 158,000 new articles and made nearly 10,000 edits on existing ones. This collective effort not only bridges the content gap about Africa but also empowers individuals to document and share their own stories.

Aligned with the African Union's Agenda 2063 flagship Encyclopedia Africana, this year's Africa Wiki Challenge adopts the theme "Educate Africa: Nurturing Minds for the 21st Century." Embracing the spirit of lifelong learning, the theme celebrates Africa's rich educational heritage and encourages participants to explore diverse aspects of African culture, history, and innovation. 


Joining the Africa Wiki Challenge is a simple yet impactful way to contribute to Africa's digital footprint. Participants can write new articles, improve existing ones, and upload photos that capture the essence of African life and heritage. By registering and engaging with the challenge from the 25th May June 30, 2024 individuals will become catalysts for change, shaping a more inclusive and vibrant online ecosystem with a positive narrative of the African continent.

While the allure of prizes may entice participation, the true reward lies in the collective empowerment and celebration of Africa's stories. Beyond cash prizes and accolades, participants have the opportunity to make a lasting impact, enriching the global conversation and fostering cross-cultural understanding.

As part of effort, the Africa Wiki Challenge empowers Africa storytelling to redefine Africa's narrative. the call will also amplify African voices, celebrate diversity, and bridge the digital divide with the vision of empowering and inspiring the new generation of storytellers.

How can you participate? 

1. Writing and Improving Articles: Participants can contribute by writing new articles or improving existing ones related to Africa on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. Every edit counts towards amplifying Africa's presence online.

2. Photo Uploads: Alongside written content, participants can also contribute by uploading photos that accurately depict African culture, landmarks, and people.

Visit the campaign's landing page to register your participation and find more details about the challenge. Additionally, join the AWC Participant Telegram page for interactions and important updates and link to join the virtual office hours.

Source: Atitso