Monday, 17 June

Ayitey Powers launches boxing promotions to elevate Ghanaian talents

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Ayitey Powers

Prominent Ghanaian boxer, Ayitey Power, has officially announced the launch of his new boxing promotions venture aimed at nurturing and promoting upcoming boxing talent in Ghana.

 Speaking to a group of journalists, Ayitey Powers outlined his vision to revolutionize the boxing industry in Ghana and help aspiring boxers achieve greater success.

Ayitey Powers, who boasts of a successful boxing career, explained his motivation for entering the promotion business.

 "I think I'm a professional boxer, and that’s why I felt compelled to get into promotion. 

We have a lot of talented boxers in Ghana, but they lack the necessary support to advance their careers," he said. 

"Boxing is a demanding sport, and to excel, you need consistent opportunities to fight and grow.

 My goal is to create a platform where boxers can compete regularly and develop their skills."

The new promotions initiative aims to provide frequent boxing tournaments, ensuring that fighters have the opportunity to participate in bouts every month. 

Ayitey Powers believes this approach will foster a more competitive environment and help Ghana produce world champions.

Addressing his role as the newly appointed President of the Voice of Ghana Professional Boxers, Ayitey Powers expressed his commitment to the boxing community. 

"Initially, I hesitated to accept the presidency, but the support and trust from the boxing community convinced me. 

Now, as president, I want to leverage this position to further support our boxers through effective promotion."

When asked about the specifics of his promotional campaign, Ayitey Powers emphasized a hands-on approach.

 He plans to identify talent, provide rigorous training, and ensure continuous support.

 "Our promotion campaign will not only focus on identifying talent but also on providing the necessary training and support to help these boxers reach their full potential," he stated.


Ayitey Power’s vision includes creating a robust foundation for boxing in Ghana, addressing the current lack of champions, and providing a structured path for boxers to succeed. 

"My dream is to ensure that every boxer in Ghana has the opportunity to shine on the world stage. We need to bring more structure and opportunity into boxing so that we can produce world-class champions."

This new venture by Ayitey Powers marks a significant step towards revitalizing the boxing scene in Ghana and promises a brighter future for the country's aspiring boxers.

Source: Kwadwo Alidjah CTV