Monday, 26 February

KGL Group bags 3 at 2023 National Communications Awards

Officials of KGL Group displaying their awards after the ceremony in Accra

KGL Group, a prominent player in Ghana's digital landscape, has achieved notable recognition by securing three prestigious awards at the National Communications Awards 2023 themed: ‘Ghana Digitalisation Edition and Digitilisation Expo 2023’. 

This year's ceremony, dedicated to honouring excellence in communication, digital innovation, and technology, acknowledged KGL Group for its substantial contributions to Ghana's digital economy, marking a transformative impact on the nation's digital landscape.

The awards presented to KGL Group included ‘Technology Visionary Leader of the Year’, ‘Technology Super Brand of the Year’, and ‘Charity Driven Digital Platform of the Year’. 

These accolades underscore the group's unwavering commitment to digital excellence and its dedication to ensuring that digital services are accessible to all Ghanaians.

Technology Visionary Leader of the Year – Dr Michael Owusu:

This award recognised Dr Michael Owusu's instrumental role as a visionary leader, propelling KGL Group toward unprecedented technological advancements that have revolutionised the way Ghanaians interact with technology. 

His forward-thinking approach has not only simplified digital transactions but also enhanced their security and efficiency.

Technology Super Brand of the Year – KGL Group:

KGL Group earned the ‘Technology Super Brand of the Year’ award for its outstanding efforts in promoting groundbreaking innovations and demonstrating relentless dedication to advancing communication, telecommunications, technology, and digitalisation in Ghana.

The group has played a crucial role in equipping Ghanaians with the necessary skills to navigate the digital world, effectively bridging the digital divide.

Charity Driven Platform of the Year – Footy Cash by KEED:

The ‘Charity Driven Digital Platform of the Year’ award was presented to Footy Cash by KEED Ghana, a platform developed by KGL Group. 

This recognition highlights the charitable initiatives of the platform and showcases KGL Group's commitment to leveraging technology for positive societal impact.

These awards reflect KGL Group's steadfast commitment to driving digital transformation in Ghana. 

The group's innovative solutions and initiatives have not only elevated the digital experience for Ghanaians but also contributed significantly to the growth of the country's digital economy

Source: Mensah