Saturday, 15 June

Take deliberate steps to improve relations with communities in your catchment area – Duker to Ghana Manganese Company

Mireku Duker (MIDDLE)

The Deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, George Mireku Duker has charged mining companies in the country to take calculated and purposive steps towards creating lasting impacts on communities in their catchment areas.

According to the Deputy Minister, the development of communities in mining areas should feature prominently in the plans of mining companies as it provides the surest ticket to a mutually-beneficial and sustainable relationship between the companies and the country.

Speaking during a working visit to the Ghana Manganese Company (GMC) on Wednesday, 20th September 2023, Mireku Duker advocated deliberate move by the companies to create a community-developmental plan.

He made the averment that the companies should engage the various stakeholders involved in their developmental plans as that will enable them appreciate the needs of the communities they intend to help.

The Tarkwa-Nsuaem MP also mentioned areas such as road network, education, health and water and others as avenues for implementation of Corporate Social Responsibilities.

He also charged the companies to be accountable to the communities by explaining to them their operations and the status of their exploitations.

“Every mining company shows us evidence of CSRs they’ve done. You have to design your plan with the chiefs. You have to listen to their needs and say this is what we can afford so that by the beginning of the year, you’ll have your plan attached to your operational expectations,” he said.

Speaking to the specific case of GMC, Duker urged the management to be deliberate about publicizing their CSRs projects so as to make the residents of the communities aware of their positive impact.

He encouraged them to set up a fund purposely for undertaking Corporate Social Responsibilities.

He enumerated a number of the specific challenges such as the lack of roads and public toilet facilities and appealed to the company to step in quickly and help them.

The General Manager of Ghana Manganese Company, Mr. Joseph Ampong disclosed that the company’s CSR’s capabilities have been hindered by its inactivity which was triggered by the Russia-Ukraine war.

Nonetheless, he said that the company has made efforts towards assisting companies by funding the education of some needy but brilliant students, rehabilitating poor roads among others.