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Amerado on how ‘beefs’ improved his career, fan base

Kumasi-based rapper Amerado Burner

Song-based conflicts have improved his career; Amerado Burner has said.

He explained he had learned from his clashes with fellow rappers, and “through the rap beefs,” music lovers, also, noted his lyrical gift and his passion to succeed.

The rapper-turned-singer-songwriter again observed lyrical fights had greatly improved his social media following.

He spoke on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning.

“As an artist, there are no regrets. You only learn from whatever happens and I believe that one way or the other through the rap beefs some people realised: ‘He can do it, he’s lyrically inclined’,” the ultimate rapper at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs) 2023 said.

He added: “I think I also got introduced to a section of Ghanaians who love rap music. Whenever there’s ‘beefs’ there’s a higher chance of people that will hop on and listen to your music compared to when there are no excessive waves.”

The Abronoma hitmaker asserted the competitive nature of beefs help an artiste rediscover themselves and their talent.

“As an artist whenever you’re involved in a competition that’s when you try to discover yourself and know that, chale, I need to step up my game and you step it up,” he said.

Amerado has traded disses with Lyrical Joe, Kofi Mole, Obibini and even the religious figure Ajagurajah.

Tintontan is the rapper's latest offering, pondering on betrayal and heartbreak.

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