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Ben Dotsei Malor: UN media star gives Amerado 'heavy flowers' for 'hustler's anthem' Kwaku Ananse Remix

L-R: Ben Dotsei Malor and Ameradi Burner

Chief Editor at UN News Ben Dotsei Malor has praised – in today's parlance, given flowers to – rapper Amerado profusely for his new hit, Kwaku Ananse Remix.

Thursday, November 23, 2023, the former Deputy Editor at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), shared a footage of Amerado performing the song on Facebook.

For caption, he wrote: "Something determined about this - I think he's about resilience: Just stumbled upon this lovely and uplifting music #KwakuAnanseRemix by Amerado Burner. Not understanding all the Twi lyrics, but hearing, "Life is a lonely journey" and "I'm a soldier" and I fear not. I fall and rise again [wink emoji] feels like a hustler's anthem. Well, I hope someone provides the full (translated) lyrics, please. Enjoy."

At publication time, the post has more than a 1000 likes and one Janet Kelly Ayittey has provided the desired Twi lyrics for the hit Highlife/Hiplife song, with acknowledgement from Mr Malor.

Also, when the artiste in question, Amerado Burner, the 2023 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs) Best Rapper, responded in the comments with a hail you emoji, Mr Malor engaged him with prayers for his international breakthrough.

"Awesome, bro. Greetings from South Sudan. Repeating your song for the umpteenth time. God bless your hustle. God bless you more and beyond the shores of Ghana. Well done. More power to you," he wrote, evidenced below.

Amerado's Kwaku Ananse was released on September 8, becoming an instant hit.

The remix was released on November 10, with a refreshing verse from Highlife star Fameye, alias Peter. 

From all indications, the song is the Amerado's biggest. Lyrically, the song cheers on resolute individuals, typified in the artiste, who doggedly seek success not swayed by envy for others' and also not just for themselves but for their loved ones. 

The title of the song is the namesake of the legendary West African folklore character in whom crafty wisdom is personified. 

Source: Benjamin