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Cameroon’s Naomi Achu gushes over Shatta Wale for his candour, integrity

Cameroonian Singer-songwriter Naomi Achu

Cameroonian Naomi Achu has praised Shatta Wale as a Ghanaian artiste who stands tall among his mates.

She spoke to Yao Mawutor Fianu on Class 91.3 FM’s drive-time show, Thursday, November 24, 2023.

“Like I always say, I like his style, his flow, he’s true to himself, and I think as an entertainer that is important because a lot of entertainers sometimes have to change who they are or adjust to fit other people’s expectations but he stays true to himself,” Naomi observed about the Reggae/Dancehall superstar.

“I tend to gravitate towards people who just stay true to who they are.

Naomi, a singer-songwriter herself, bemoaned that “sometimes people say one thing and mean something else” but Shatta Wale is the opposite.

“Most of the time, if he says something, he means it,” the Belaire Bamboo ambassador said, shrugging for emphasis.

| Shatta Wale, an extroverted and outspoken singer-songwriter and record producer, is regarded by many as a controversial and polarising individual for his showbiz, political and social commentary 

A singer-songwriter, rapper, and philanthropist, Naomi Achu revealed that Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson are prime inspirations of hers.

“Watching Whitney Houston sing,” she said, “made me decided I want to be an entertainer and performer.”

The last out of six children, she said she felt unheard. She figured writing and performing songs would remedy that.

Describing her music, she said she favoured it as Afro-Fusion and not Afrobeats because of the blends she does.

“I mix a lot of Reggae vibes with my Afrobeats,” she said, stressing she loves to experiment instead of being complacent with Cameroon’s Makosa.

Also, being a travel enthusiast, the Bamenda-native indicated her transnational experiences influence her music and she loves to collaborate with music producers of diverse nationalities.

Have a look at Ms Achu's latest offering, Waiting All My Life, below:

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