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Da Hammer recounts 'boredom', health hazards of music production pushing him into entrepreneurship

Da Hammer

Da Hammer record producer-turned-entrepreneur has explained in great detail why he went on a music break.

He spoke on Showbiz A to Z on Accra-based Joy FM, with Kwame Dadzie.

Considering his legacy, he modestly observed: "I had my fill. My run was okay."

"The reason why I moved on to entrepreneurship was I was bored," he said matter-of-factly.

He explained the boredom stemmed from being "stuck in one place". He meant the recording studio.

"You know [in the] studios, our life is very sad. We live in a no-window, soundproof [facility].

"Constantly, artistes come, enjoy the place [for a while] and then they go on stage, they go and chill [and] glory all the chicks, while we [record producers] are stuck in the studio punching keys," he bemoaned with a dash of humour. 

| Da Hammer in his workspace 

Celebrated as a Hiphop and Hiplife legend in Ghana, Da Hammer noted that staying "buried in the studio for so long" had huge implications for his health also.

"The studio gave me [a] potbelly - I was very slim. My name is [actually] Slim Da Hammer. Anybody who knows me knows that. Yeah, I was very slim. The studio, sitting down for a very long time, eating late, working late, made me [gain weight]," he said.

Due this, "I wanted to get out," he explained.

The Managing Partner and Head of Sales/Marketing at A1 Bread Factory, Da Hammer made the news as far back as 2017 for being on the street hawking bread. The food industry took him away from the studio and, according to him, was more financially rewarding than making music.

In November 2023, Da Hammer announced a return to music. 

| When Da Hammer was many pounds slimmer than he is currently. Behind him, in the studio, is rap legend Obrafour

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