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Dancing saved me from youthful temptations, helped me focus – Pinky Pecks

Award-winning singer-songwriter Pinky Pecks

According to dancer and singer-songwriter Pinky Pecks, dancing, which she did in times past for numerous gospel music stars, kept her focused and helped her steer clear of derailing temptations.

On Saturday, June 3, 2023, the Barbie J-led Panda Entertainment signee of two years spoke on Accra 100.5 FM's Entertainment Capital, originally hosted by Nana Romeo. 

“Professionally, I was a dancer. I used to dance for Gospel musicians and from there, I entered into singing,” she recalled when her creative arts story came up.

“All the while I was dancing and following them around, I was watching and noting how they go about their work and craft,” she explained. “I was learning from them.”

She named Gospel acts she has danced for: “Grace Ashy, Ohemaa Mercy, Christiana Love (Obaapa Christy), Philipa Baafi – list them – Kwaku Gyasi – all the big acts.”

She said she can be seen in music videos for “[Great] Ampong, Cee” and others; “Grace Ashy had a song called I’m in Love, I’m in her videos for her Black Stars cheer songs, Empress Gifty had a francophone song I was in.”

Pinky Pecks particularly enjoyed working for hailed singers Grace Ashy and Gifty Adorye (Empress Gifty).

“It is because I was really close to them," the Dancehall and Afrobeats singer said. "I was very close to them. I could go to their house, spend time and all that. Even now, Grace Ashy still calls me."

Pinky Pecks was part of a dancing group called Majingo Dancers when she performed for the said musicians.

She spoke about payment for her service.

“Dancing in those days didn’t pay like it is currently,” she noted. “Now it’s become serious [business] and it pays handsomely. There was nothing in it in the years past but we did it for the love we had for it.”

Though the financial reward was nothing to write home about, Ms Pecks said “it at least helped me to take care of myself” to a point.

Also, “it prevented me from doing some unacceptable things,” she added. “The money was small but I knew how to manage it according to my needs. It wasn’t enough but it was better than nothing.”

Sit-in host Prince Benjamin asked what temptations the payment, though meagre, helped her avoid.

“Oh for the temptations, as you already know, it is the usual ones for any young woman,” she answered. “People see you and try to get close to you, making juicy promises and lying to you. If you don’t stand firmly, you’d find yourself doing something inappropriate for that time of your life.”

“Yes, so the dancing made me stay focused,” she stressed, adding that she told herself: “If the pay is even terrible, at least I am able to afford food – and with that, I was okay.”

The award-winning music act revealed that the sexual advances came from members of “the Gospel music fraternity, the secular music fraternity, sometimes those in my community of residence and those who saw me on TV.”

Pinky Pecks has done music for 10 years. Some of her songs include Handle It, Do Sir and Cover Me.

Source: Benjamin