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Divorces, breakups: Women can’t stay with me because I’m a bad boy – Ofori Amponsah

Music star Ofori Amponsah

Singer-songwriter Ofori Amponsah has outlined some of the reasons for his failed marriages.

He was reacting to vlogger Zionfelix pressing him concerning alleged multiple divorces.

“I don’t end marriages, no,” Ofori Amponsah said.

“It is the women who leave me, because I am a bad boy,” he added. “But I personally do not end my marriages.”

Nicknamed Mr All4Real, he noted that his line of work “is very difficult”.

He said, “If God doesn’t choose someone for you in this line of work, you will suffer in life.”

When he was asked what made him call himself a bad boy, he responded: “I love music more than anything [else]. I love music, and I don’t have time [for anything else], and I stay indoors too much.

“I don’t think my life is something people will love because I spend my time mostly in the room.”

The “number one” reason his relationships have failed, Amponsah divulged, is his women always complain he does not have time for them.

Noting “life is more spiritual” than physical, he argued “my life is music,” emphasising, also, the importance of being with a woman who can accept that “and struggle with you through that thing”.   

Zionfelix asked if he meant to insinuate his three ex-wives, known to the public, were all not Godsend.

“I’ve left more than three women,” Ofori retorted, adding, amid laughter, “Look at how handsome I am!”

Thereafter, the Highlife legend announced he is currently “madly in love” with “a girl called Serwaa”.

He said: “That’s the one I am with now.”

Even though he showed his naked ring finger to the camera, he revealed he is married to Serwaa.

The serial hitmaker declined confirming how many divorces he has had.

“I’ve married many times,” he noted, sarcastically adding: “Whatever anybody says, is what I [also] say.”

He, however, gave an impression of frankness when he told Zionfelix his marriages are not up to five.

Zionfelix asked if his marriage with Serwaa was ‘till death do us part’.

“You can’t say that because we are simply human. Human beings can just change their minds,” Amponsah answered.

Further, he noted, “for now,” he does not think he will rescind his love for Serwaa.

However, “if she plays the fool,” Ofori Amponsah said, he will add another wife to her.

In fact, the Otoolege hitmaker Amponsah asserted, for men, it is “in our DNA” to have multiple wives.

The Killbeatz-produced Inspector is Ofori Amponsah’s latest offering. Watch the official music video below:

Source: classfmonline.com/Prince Benjamin