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For national and global relevance musicians need traditional media – Kinaata on media-musician relations

Martin Kofi 'Kinaata' King Arthur

Martin Kofi King Arthur, otherwise known as Kofi Kinaata, has observed despite incredible technological advancement aiding marketing, musicians cannot sideline traditional media if they want nationwide and worldwide relevance.

He was speaking to Nana Romeo on Accra 100.5 FM’s Ayekoo Ayekoo programme, exploring the symbiotic relationship between the media and musicians.

“If you are a new act and you are interviewed on the radio, for instance, I see it as a full version of mercy because people pay to be heard widely here. They pay to advertise here. As a musician, when you come here, you’re also seeking advertisement and some pay to do this but the radio station can give you 30 minutes free of charge. It’s an opportunity and favour given to you.

“There is also an artiste who is renowned and has many followers and when he appears on the programme, people will tune in. In that instance, it’s hand in hand. The media is helping the artiste but the artiste is also bringing a bit of attention to the station, and we must ensure everyone benefits from that situation. Sometimes artistes record jingles and other things for the station, a kind gesture recognising they paid no fee for the interview,” the Effiakuma Love hitmaker explained.

While he said a musician “can survive” without traditional media – radio, TV and newspaper – he observed, “it won’t last long”.

“You will be able to receive some people alright but to get worldwide or nationwide coverage, you cannot bypass traditional media,” he averred.

The legendary three-time national best songwriter also commented on controversial questions from media personalities.

“A question may seem irrelevant to you but there is always someone listening who would appreciate it because it echoes their thoughts. And sometimes the presenter is not asking the question for himself. He is representing the audience, knowing someone could possibly ask that question which, in your estimation, is pointless – the presenter wears the listener’s shoes,” the rapper said.

The Team Move founder and leader advised interviewees to be patient and cunning when responding to uncomfortable questions from the media.

“I’m not sure anyone has been beaten or sacked for choosing not to answer a question,” he added. “It’s an interview and not an interrogation, so answer what you can and if you want to avoid a troublesome question, do it. You can even signal to the presenter to skip an issue by a wink.”  

Abonsam is track 2 out of seven on Kinaata's debut tape, Kofi OO Kofi, released on Friday, May 10, 2024.

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