Tuesday, 28 May

Funny Face out on GHS120k bail; ‘I’ve messed my life up, I need a second chance’

Funny Face

Out on bail, Funny Face has lamented, “I’ve messed my life up and I need a second chance”.

Before he resumed normal life and mingled with the rest of society, he went to swim in the sea as part of a cleansing ritual, “talking to Yehowah one on one, begging him for forgiveness and a second chance”.

Speaking to Kofi TV, he revealed his road accident was “caused by a motorcyclist who crossed” him.

Funny Face admitted he is the “major cause” of his tribulations.

He underlined the irony of wanting to reunite with his children, while his car nearly ended the life of a woman and her grandchildren.

He said, “I feel all is not lost,” however, in light of “advices” that he has received.

He noted, “This year I’ll be 43 years old”.

While he recognised 42 years of his life had earned him “many properties,” he bemoaned he had “also destroyed many things” including salient friendships.

“I will not put the blame on anyone. Indeed, there are [dark] things in the world, but I am also the major cause of my problems,” he confessed. “I take full responsibility for my actions and inactions.”

He asked forgiveness from Ghanaians, “even though it’s possible they’ve understandably had enough”.

Earlier that fateful day (Sunday, March 24), he explained, he had gone to surprise his mother by taking part in a Jehovah’s Witnesses memorial service.

“Little did I know that night, were it not for God, I would have died and even worse, killed someone’s child also,” he regretted.

He thanked God the children are “back to life [with] everyone doing well [and] doing great”.

He also appealed for funds and all forms of help, confirming earlier reports that he wants to adopt and “become a family” with all the victims of the accident: “the woman, children, and motor riders”.

Fighting back tears he appealed to corporate Ghana and event organisers to not give up on him but engage him for product activations and programmes. He assured them of his best as he had guaranteed in yesteryears, noting that he still had millions of followers on social media, which they can take advantage of.

The District Court in Kasoa Akweley has approved a bail of GHS120,000 for Benson Nana Yaw Oduro, popularly known as Funny Face.

The comic and TV star first appeared in court on March 26, 2024, and was remanded for two weeks until Tuesday, April 9, when his bail was granted.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Thomas Sarfo, leading the prosecution, said the case was still under investigation, revealing the victims, who could not appear in court, were hospitalised at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and a medical facility in Kasoa.

Source: classfmonline.com/Prince Benjamin