Friday, 08 December

Gomoa Central: A-Plus declares he’s running for MP, asserts ‘I’m going to win the election come 2024’

Kwame A-Plus

Kwame Asare Obeng, alias A-Plus, has disclosed that he will be competing to represent the people of Gomoa Central in parliament come 2024.

The announcement comes after the social commentator buried his father over the weekend on Saturday, September 23, 2023.

In an interview with the media, on the sidelines, he declared he is going to topple the incumbent, Ms Naana Eyiah of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), who doubles as the Deputy Interior Minister. He said he will do it as an independent candidate.

“2024, I’m not contesting [on the ticket of] NDC or NPP [but] I will unseat the current MP in this area,” Kwame A-Plus optimistically said. “Anyone who comes to compete, I will beat them.”

“I am very confident that I’m going to win this seat,” he added, forecasting that: “It’s very likely that come 2025, I will be the only independent candidate in Ghana’s parliament and that is what I want to do.”

He stressed that “this constituency is ours so if you want to contest, we’re waiting for you”.

A-Plus warned his opponents that neither money nor sweet-talk will give them victory over him.

“Whatever you come with, we will do much better than you and we have the influence more than you so no one from NDC or NPP should bother contesting,” he said. “They should leave me unopposed so I go to parliament.”

In a moment of political fervour, the singer and entertainment pundit said should even Vice President Bawumia stand for election against him, “I will beat him”.

Irrespective of “anybody who comes, I’m going to win the election come 2024,” he emphasised, smiling.

He noted that he will support no one’s ambition but is open to receive support.

“I don’t follow or join people, people rather follow me. So if anyone wants to join me, you can shelve your ambition of wanting to be an MP and join me. Should I win, I could help you become a DCE.

“But to be MP in 2025 in this constituency, of course, [there is] no two ways about that, I’m going to win the election,” the political activist proclaimed.

Meanwhile, on Instagram (IG), Thursday, July 13, 2023, A-Plus announced the death of his father. According to him, it came as a shock because they had spoken a day before. He had promised his father, fondly called Dan, a visit on Friday but it was not to be.

Source: Benjamin