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‘I make music the same way I use music’ – Ko-Jo Cue chats about latest EP

Rap star Ko-Jo Cue

Ko-Jo Cue has posited that music must reflect and be of use to daily life.

He spoke on Class 91.3 FM’s drive-time show.

The album cover

| I'm Back EP cover art

Ko-Jo Cue explained the cover art for his new seven-track EP, saying he wanted “the fans, the game and my peers to know that I’m not coming back for games. I’m coming back for the championship”.

On why he works with themes on his tapes, he said he grew up on music projects that were “cohesive” and this is why he lastingly aims to make his “albums feel like little universes” and “self-contained”.

The storytelling

| Ghanaian Hiphop star Ko-Jo Cue was born Linford Kennedy Amankwaa

The rap star said, in his music he tells sensitive personal stories, without fear, for honesty sake and “because a lot of what I share also is in the past”.

Again, “it is therapy” he added, noting telling personal stories in his music helps him “avoid being preachy” when he espouses some ideas.

“I make music the same way I use music,” he informed Yao Mawutor Fianu, explaining: “I use music for my daily life.”

He said from numerous instances he has interacted with his fans, he came away knowing his music is a “solace” for them as he has always intended.  

Ko-Jo Cue recalled several fans telling him “chale, this song literally saved my life”.

Moods for I’m Back tracks

| The official listening party for the I'm Back EP took place at Beehive Accra, Osu, Ghana

“Reflect with Happy Endings, party with 32, maybe Someway for middle of the night, but what I’d say is early morning on your way to work you need that energy that’s Mac Tontoh with Big Homie Flee,” he touted.

Strongman and Kweku Smoke squabble

| Rappers (L-R) Kweku Smoke and Strongman

Ko-Jo Cue clarified, initially, he was not aware of the fight, or beef, between I'm Back featured artistes Strongman and Kweku Smoke.  

“I already had the song with Strongman (Okay Okay) and I love Kweku Smoke so much – the stuff he’s been doing – so I wanted him on a record, and that’s what he sent (32),” he said, emphasising he is not concerned much about the abrasive comments Smoke sent Strongman’s way because “It’s his creative expression and that’s Hiphop.”

Notwithstanding, “based on my relationship with Strongman,” he said he informed both parties about the controversial verse and received the greenlight before officially releasing the I’m Back EP.


| For My Brothers Concert flyer

On December 9, 2023, there is a special night at the Nubuke Foundation, East Legon, where he will host his fans for the For My Brothers Concert, in celebration of his 2019 classic album of the same name.

Source: classfmonline.com/Prince Benjamin