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New album out March 31 – Davido thanks fans for patience, 'Timeless' love

'Timeless' is the title of Afrobeats superstar Davido's 7th studio album

Afrobeats superstar Davido is ready with his six studio album. 

The Nigerian announced the title and release date via a video on YouTube, today, Tuesday, March 21, 2023.

The album trailer opens with the Nigerian music executive and singer-songwriter alone at night in an office busily scribbling on a paper. 

The Voice Over (VO), done by Davido, speaks saying: "There's a time for everything."

"A time to grieve, and a time to heal," the father who lost his three-year-old son in 2022 continued the Ecclesiastes passage.

When the VO begins to sing, "If dem [they] want [to] turn [into] Goliath, I be [am] David for life," the scene changes. He is suddenly, running in a forest. 

"Oluwa [God] dey [is on] my side," he declares as images of his younger days and recent stage performances begin to roll. 

"A time to laugh, and a time to dance," he says in the trailer returning to the Biblical text. "A time to speak, and a time for silence." A clock shown struck 12 midnight. 

"We all had the choice to do this in our own time," he noted as he came to a sudden halt in the forest and footage of him in the office flashed. 

"But thank God I am grounded by your love, which is 'Timeless'," he wrote the album title in capitals on the A4 sheet, appreciating his fans, and sounded his famous cry: "Shekpe! Baddest!"

Watch the 'Timeless' album trailer here:

A list of Davido's albums:

2020: A Better Time

2020: Best of Davido [Mixtape]

2019: A Good Time

2016: Son of Mercy

2015: The Baddest

2012: Omo Baba Olowo




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