Friday, 24 May

Patapaa’s ‘one corner’ song is good, people listen to it – Rex Omar

Rex Omar in the studios of CTV

Legendary highlife musician Rex Omar has said there are no bad songs in the music world.

According to the ‘Dangerous’ hitmaker who has 25 albums to his credit, what makes a particular song bad is relative, thus no song in the world can be described as a bad song.

He, therefore, disagreed with the assertion that there are bad songs because he is of the view that someone’s bad music will be another's favourite. 

“Every music is good, depending on who’s listening to it because just like we say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, every music is good, depending on who’s listening to it...

“So there’s no bad song, the song that is bad to you may be good to another person.  

He also stressed that: “there are songs I may not listen to but someone will…”

The legendary highlife artiste described Hiplife artiste, Patapaa’s ‘One Corner’ hit, as a good song, since people like it.

“It is something that many people like so is a good music,” he stated.

Source: Adiku