Saturday, 15 June

Rocky Dawuni decries government dependency, says there’s no saviour coming

Two-time Grammy nominee, Ghanaian reggae music star Rocky Dawuni

Renowned Ghanaian reggae star Rocky Dawuni has cautioned citizens, especially young people against dependence on government.

The ‘In Ghana’ hitmaker was firm in saying, “nobody is coming to save you. You need to save yourself.”

Before this, he had narrated how on his drives in the morning, he observes people mindlessly on their phones, especially the youth, as though there is nothing meaningful or productive to do. 

“Every morning when I drive, I see a lot of people on their phone, in the morning, [I am referring to] young people. They can work, we need to be working, people need to be working, and everybody is sitting down waiting for the government to come and change their life,” the humanitarian activist said. 

Having noted there is no savior outside of one's self coming to the rescue, he added that it is a mindset that “we need to infuse into our young people to work hard.”

“We have land, we have so much. We just need the ideas, the tools, the inspiration, and the organisation and then a vision that can direct us as to where we are going,” Mr Dawuni again said. 

He also made a call for unity, as a people, akin to that of “China and Trump supporters,” working together for the prosperity of the nation. 

“In the long run, our prosperity is not for one man. Our prosperity is for all of us, so, let’s work together for that,” the two-time Grammy nominee entreated.

Rocky Dawuni made these statements today, Friday, 30 September, 2022, on the Daybreak Hitz radio show on Accra-based Hitz FM. 

Source: Benjamin