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Scramble for stadium: Stonebwoy’s road manager rebukes Shatta Wale; ‘sociopathic pathological liar’

L-R: Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy

Chief Stylz, a road manager for Stonebwoy, has passionately rebuked Shatta Wale concerning his allegations that Stonebwoy and the National Sports Authority have conspired to sabotage his festival at the Accra Sports Stadium.

On September 4, 2023, Reggae/Dancehall star Shatta Wale revealed on Facebook that he was holding another Freedom Wave Concert at the Accra Sports Stadium. Still in collaboration with rap star Medikal, this time the concert has been developed into a festival with four events preceding it.

The Freedom Wave Concert, which debuted in 2022, was announced for December 25, at the stadium. Before it, however, are four independent daily events starting on the 20th and leading up to the climax on 25th: Arrival of regional fanbases (December 20), Exhibition of Shatta Movement (SM) merchandise (December 21), Pre concert with new artistes (December 22), Prayers for the industry (December 23) and Dress rehearsal for artistes (December 24). 

In a surprising development, on September 15, Reggae/Dancehall star Stonebwoy also announced his annual Bhim Concert was happening at the stadium. The date, he revealed, was December 22, 2023.

According to Shatta Wale, in a Facebook rant, Tuesday, September 19, the National Sports Authority told him he and his team "need a three-day setup. So if we’ll do the show on 25th, we need three days ahead of that date to set up. So, 22nd to 24th, would be for preparation, because we know 25th is when the show comes off". 

With that in mind, Wale observed Stonebwoy's announced December 22 concert creates a problem. 

He said he complained to Lord Commey that the stadium officials “did not give us a contract as they should have and they are telling us that Stonebwoy will also have a show at the venue so we have to hold on”.

He said he quizzed “why Stonebwoy would want to do his show on dates we have put out already?”

He suggested that Stonebwoy “could have had his show on December 10, or any other day in December. Why into our dates for preparation, why?”

He said “Prof [Peter Twumasi]” – the Director General of the National Sports Authority – assured him the matter would be settled but that was not done.

“At the time, we had money in hand to pay, but all we kept hearing was they will have a contract ready not knowing this was your decision all along,” Wale bemoaned.

“You people were here when Stonebwoy pulled a gun at an awards show. You want gun issues at the stadium? You people do not think. It is your work and we don’t interfere with advice so you people have not even given a thought to the consequences of your actions, in that, what you people are doing could cause chaos in the country,” the On God hitmaker said.

Well, reacting in a social media post, Stonebwoy's road manager Chief Stylz has confirmed there was indeed some tension with the dates, which according to him, the choosing of December 22 for the Bhim Concert resolved. 

He accused Shatta Wale of having tried to foil Stonebwoy's concert at the stadium. He called Shatta Wale a helpless liar, scheming to win public sympathy. Finally, he asserted that both Stonebwoy's Bhim Concert and Shatta Wale's Freedom Wave Concert can happen untroubled just as advertised.  

"Sociopathic pathological liar, stop throwing dust into the eyes of the people to win sympathy.

"You know the truth, say it and set your soul free.

"You’re bitter just [because] [yo]ur underground efforts and incessant pressure thr[ough] Lord Commey and others to get Prof [to] not allow Stone[bwoy] hold his concert, failed.

"Even after he changed dates from 23rd to 22nd to make way for you to have three clear days before [yo]ur concert.

"25th is set and still clear for you. Stop lying my guy," Chief Stylz wrote on Instagram (IG).

Source: Benjamin