Monday, 24 June

Stacy Amoateng quits Angel Broadcasting Network, joins Megastar International

Television presenter/producer and media consultant Stacy Amoateng

Stacy Amoateng has resigned as the Executive Director of Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN) after three years in office.

In a press release on Monday, May 22, 2023, Stacy noted that it saddened her to move on.

The television presenter/producer and media consultant has taken up a new role at an international record label called Megastar International. She has been appointed as the International Director with West & Central Africa, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Latina and the Carribean Islands as her purview. 

“I am excited to share this amazing news with you," she announced in her press release. "I have been appointed International Director in charge of West & Central Africa, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Latina and Caribbean Islands for Megastar International."

“Though excited, it saddens my heart to end my service with Angel Broadcasting Network as its executive director. The past three years has been nothing but insightful and bittersweet along the line. The triumph and lessons bagged are priceless,” she noted.

Furthermore she remarked: “To have a global call to serve beyond Ghana means every work put in was worth it. I believe by the grace of God, I will make Ghana proud with this global appointment.”

Stacy Amoateng also expressed her appreciation to the founder of the Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN), Dr Kwaku Oteng, whom she called a "big brother", for trusting her with her previous office and responsibilities.

Born Anastasia Manuela Amoateng, the businesswoman also thanked the ABN team.

“Thanks to my big brother Dr Oteng for believing in me to bring value to his brand and I am absolutely glad I did. Thanks to @bteflon who held my hand and walked through the breeze and fire with me. To the amazing team who believed in the vision I say God bless you," she said.

According to Ms Amoateng, before joining ABN on June 1, 2020, she declined the offer three times. She was first approached in 2016, apparently.

She disclosed she had to pray about it before accepting the offer and even that was when "God" gave "the green light". She saw the ABN role as divine "grace" for which she was thankful to "the Almighty God".

Stacy Amoateng in the year 2000 starred in the hit TV series Taxi Driver.

Two years later, she hosted Talk Ghana on Accra-based TV3 and later hosted Music Music with Bola Ray. She resigned from the programme in 2012.