Tuesday, 23 April

Take your time to know 'your God' to discover your true self, path: Perez Musik to new Gospel acts

Ghanaian Gospel music star Perez Musik

Perez Musik has advised up-and-coming Gospel musicians to develop an intimate relationship with God. 

Appearing on No.1 105.3 FM's live worship programme, he pressed that it is by knowing God intimately that one can discover their true self, find their unique direction and become effective as a Gospel musician.

"Take your time to know your God," he said when he was asked to advise people who would like to be successful as he has been so far in his career. 

He expatiated saying: "Those of us doing God's work, it's not about activities, exertion or necessarily hardwork.

"It is [all about] knowing your God because it is his [God's] work."

This is why, he went on, you must know the God whose work you are doing.

"It's by knowing him that you can do his work properly," he noted, citing lyrics from Nigerian Gospel star Dunsin Oyekan's song 'I Know You': "When I know you, I'll find myself."

Buttressing, he quoted a biblical passage, "one of my favourites," which says, "As we behold him [God], as in a mirror, we're transformed." 

He posited that "the Word of God" and "God" himself, are "like a mirror" and when one sets their eyes and "gaze on him, you begin to see a true reflection of who you are."

"When you understand God, you will [deeply] understand yourself," he added.

According to Perez, it is by doing the aforementioned that one can receive divine direction, the kind that confounds onlookers. 

With this phenomenon, he again said, will come the opportunity to tell people that: "It is not by might, it's not by power but by the spirit of God, purely the spirit of God."

The singer-songwriter and record producer, per his 'Hewale Lala (Song of Strength)' hit song, has garnered five nominations for this year's Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs) taking place on Saturday, May 13, 2023: Best Gospel Song, Best Male Vocal Performance, Best Gospel Artiste, Songwriter of the Year and Record of the Year.

Source: classfmonline.com/Prince Benjamin