Monday, 24 June

Wendy Shay calls local artistes 'thieves'

Ghanaian star singer-songwriter Wendy Shay

Enraged, Afrobeats/Afropop star Wendy Shay has accused some local musicians of unethically copying her melodies to make their songs.

According to the 'Shay on You' hitmaker, she experienced this a couple of times when she sent a demo of hers to a potential collaborator only to be ignored and, what is more, eventually hear the collaborator's new song released to the public with similar melodies as hers contained in the demo sent behind the scenes. 

On her Twitter timeline, the Rufftown Records signee wrote: "You send a song to a GH[ana] artiste for a feature... Next thing you go [will] hear your melodies in their new song!" 

The trained nurse and singer-songwriter said the above has happened a "2nd time".

"Thieves!" she exclaimed, adding her popular call for vigilance: "Ghana artiste[s], wake up!"

Source: Benjamin