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Work, marriage could take me away from Ghana – Krymi

Ghanaian music star Henry Nuamah, alias Krymi

Kyrmi has explained why he has been relatively quiet on the music scene.

Appearing on CTV’s Class Showbiz programme, Wednesday, September 20, 2023, the Toffee hitmaker said he has been “in and out of the country” for a while.

In fact, he was in London, UK, for some time to mourn with his family.

“I lost two of my cousins – William and JJ,” he revealed.

“Funny enough, last year was one year [since the incident]. See how time flies,” he remarked.

“So, we had to be there for family,” the singer-songwriter added.

Host Sammy Flex asked if he has plans to relocate.

To this, Henry Nuamah, alias Krymi, said while he primarily works and lives in Ghana, he desires also to go abroad “to also work there”.

He said, while abroad, he could work “as a musician but also as a civil engineer”.

“Majorly, as a musician, you need to collaborate [with people] out there, you need to part of some companies that will help you get to some [higher] level, so we’ll definitely be moving here and there – not just one place – we want this to turn international. So that’s our hustle,” Krymi added.

He was pressed about possible permanent relocation.

“I doubt it,” he answered.

He intimated, however, it would not be unusual if it happens.

“You see, some of the big artistes from Nigeria literally live in London and in America. So it’s normal,” Krymi said.

The vocalist noted that some people make the decision based on their search for “security”.

“If they feel that’s where they’ll get some level of financial security or stabilisation, that’s fine,” he added, noting: “Everyone has their unique plans.”

He said, perhaps, he may change his mind based on a change at a different “stage in life,” in the future.

“Maybe I’ll sign a deal and I’ll be asked to relocate or maybe I’ll marry a sister abroad,” he said, laughing. "Anything can happen."

Tonyt is Krymi's latest song released on June 1.

Source: Benjamin