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Worlasi on how ‘losing money’ helps him create music

Musician and visual artist Worlasi

Music star Worlasi has revealed how he finds inspiration when he feels stuck in the middle of a project.

He spoke on Class 91.3 FM’s drive-time show, Thursday, November 30, 2023.

Host Yao Mawutor Fianu asked Worlasi Langani how he goes about creating music which is markedly unique compared to his contemporaries’.

“First of all, I have to distance myself, physically, from everybody else,” he answered with a slight chuckle.

“I like taking a break,” he indicated, noting that “moving away” from familiar spaces is important, else
“it’s difficult to create”.

Worlasi expressed such dedication to his craft, he said when he experiences a creative block, he rents a place away from home to zone in.

“Sometimes it’s hard, when you’re trying to create something and you’re not getting it the way you want… So, sometimes, I pay for places to stay – not too expensive though,” he noted.

He said being away and knowing “that each day that goes by I’m losing money,” compels his creative juices to flow: “The moment I stay there, three or four days, I have no choice, I have to create.”

Apart from solitary, he said he “makes sure what I’m creating is something I’m also confused about – I’m trying to learn”.

“Making music has made me learn,” the rapper and singer-songwriter emphasised.

He also researches his material before creating his projects, including “calling my presenters friends to tell me what’s happening now, asking them: ‘I’ve heard about this, how true is it, is it fake news?’”

He said he has conversations with his friends for inspiration and “solves problems” in his life for inspiration also.

The rest is spontaneity, he added.

“Creative-wise, chale, I just wing it. I just call David Hammond, we come, make beats and once the concept and everything is written down I find ways of infusing that into the beat,” he expatiated.

Worlasi’s latest project is called Angry African, a protest to bad political leadership. Listen to track 2 of 6, How Many Times, below:

Source: classfmonline.com/Prince Benjamin