Sunday, 23 June

Abore Twidan Royal family challenges legitimacy of Kwesi Alhaji

Okunyin Anomanyin Okwar Kwaa-Mensanyim II addressing the press


The Abore Twidan Royal Family of Gomoa Fetteh in the Central Region has challenged the royal lineage of Kwesi Alhaji, also known as Kwesi Graham, who claims to be the Omankrado of the area.

 The family asserts that Kwesi Alhaji is an usurper and demands that he be treated as such by authorities.

The Abore Twidan family claims that the rightful Omankrado is the first son from their lineage. 

They allege that Kwesi Alhaji, who previously served as a land guard for the late Abore Yamoah, has falsely elevated himself to the position of chief since Yamoah's death. 

The elders have issued a challenge to Kwesi Alhaji to present his matrilineal and patrilineal family elders, as well as historical documents verifying his claims to royalty in Gomoa Fetteh, before any traditional or legal body.

At a press conference in Gomoa Potsin, the family's secretary, flanked by Nana Hembaa Amoesiwa Nkrabea I, Queen-Motherof Gomoa Fetteh, Nana Abore Ewusi XX (Chief of Gomoa Fetteh), Ebusuapayin Kwame Ewudzi, and other prominent elders, Okunyin Anomanyin Okwar Kwaa-Mensanyim II stated that Kwesi Alhaji has no lineage in Fetteh and is falsely parading himself as a royal. 

He also accused him of emboldening land guards in the area, citing an incident where a land guard named Benlord fired a gun in front of the Millennium Police headquarters, killing a soldier.

''Kwesi Alhaji, who recently assumed the name Kwesi Graham, was brought to Gomoa Fetteh by the late self-styled Chief Abor Yamoah'' (Mr. Edward K. Acquaye).

 He explained that the late Acquaye's chieftaincy was contested and he was eventually destooled by the Kingmakers due to his non-native status from Gomoa Dogo. 

Following his destoolment, the late Acquaye allegedly surrounded himself with armed land guards, led by Kwesi Alhaji, to maintain control over Gomoa Fetteh.

The family asserts that Kwesi Alhaji is an outsider from Akotsia who deceitfully integrated himself into the Asona Clan.

The family allege that he has been falsely presenting himself as Omankrado and has been involved in extensive land fraud, selling land without issuing genuine documentation, and fostering criminal activities in various communities, including Fetteh Kakraba, Opeikuma, and Kasoa.

The family further revealed that  Kwesi Alhaji was involved in a brutal attack in 2015:where one  Kofi Ahomka was severely beaten, had his teeth knocked out, and his eyes damaged during the Akwambo festival

''Violence in 2018: Opanyin Kwame Annan, Nana Kobina Essel, and Opanyin Kofi Atta were attacked in their home by Kwesi Alhaji and his armed associates, resulting in severe injuries and paralysis for Opanyin Kofi Atta and in 2020: Ebusuapanyin Kobina Ebo of the Anona family was brutally beaten and publicly humiliated.

Also in 2020: Principal Elder Opanyin Kobina Kaye and others were assaulted, with police allegedly arresting the victims instead of the perpetrators.

In 2021: The Omankrado of Gomoa Fetteh Kakraba was attacked with multiple gunshots at his residence.

The family has called on authorities to take immediate and unbiased action against Kwesi Alhaji, whom they accuse of serious criminal activities and land fraud. 

They urged the government and security services to intervene and address the allegations, demonstrating their commitment to justice and public safety by protecting the interests of all citizens, both rich and poor.

Source: Mensah