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These doctors & nurses are my heroes and heroines; they deserve national recognition for their professionalism

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These nurses are awesome at their job

My 73-year-old mum became seriously ill on the night of St. Valentine's Day at Krobo-Odumase in the Eastern Region.

She was rushed to St Martin de Porres Catholic Hospital for treatment.

Her precarious condition frightened everyone. But God used these awesome young doctors and nurses to restore her health.

The Three Super Duper Doctors

Under the supervision of their 'boss' – whose name I couldn't catch – Dr Alex, Dr Dela and Dr Issa (From Left to Right), gave my old lady, as well as other patients, the utmost professional care they could during their separate shifts.

They put in their best as doctors and God rewarded their efforts.

And then there were these Godsent nurses supporting all their efforts.

Nurse Dora

She is a firm yet courteous professional who knows not only how to treat her patients expertly but also inspires hope in them and their relatives. She's the quintessential nurse any patient would love to have by his/her sick bed. My mum and other patients in the female ward took a special liking to her because of her professionalism and humanity.

Nurse Patience

She's the epitome of patience itself. She treats her patients with unparalleled patience. Her name really and truly befits her profession.

She's Florence Nightingale incarnate. Nurse Patience is courtesy itself.

Nurse Kwame and Nurse L.A. Nuertey aka (MONO)

These were the only two male nurses I encountered while I sat by my old lady's sickbed at the hospital. Apart from their steadfast commitment and focus on the job, they know how to care for patients and brighten their day. They were highly spoken of by most of the patients on admission.

Nurse Jennifer Bosompem

She's more than the word 'sweet'. She gave meaning to the word 'service' in her handling of both patients and their relatives. Nurses, doctors and all other medical practitioners are service providers and they must realise that patients are clients to whom they are offering a delicate and much-needed service. Nurse Jennifer demonstrated that she knows and understands what that entails.

'Pinky', the unknown nurse


I never caught her name tag so I nicknamed her 'Pinky' because she was mostly in their pink uniform.

‘Pinky’ would speak to patients gently and carry out her duties dutifully. She appeared well-cultured and good-mannered. God knows we need more 'Pinkies' at patients' bedside.

My heroes

Nurses, doctors and all other medical practitioners play a very crucial role in our lives.

Sometimes, the difference between a patient who survived and one who died is nothing more than the kindness or rudeness of a doctor, nurse or any other medical practitioner.

Often, all a patient or relatives of the patient need is the kindness of a nurse or doctor to lift their spirits so they can fight on. 

A doctor or nurse's words and actions are very powerful.

Some of them may take it for granted because it is their familiar terrain but they must bear in mind that their words or silence, action or inaction, smile or frown, kindness or rudeness can either be a lifesaver or lifetaker.

I doff my hat to these wonderful doctors and nurses at St Martin de Porres Catholic Hospital for being shining stars worth emulating.

They will certainly achieve greater heights in future if they keep to that trajectory. 


Source: Classfmonline.com/Patrick Ayumu