Monday, 26 February

Publish names of OMCs with manganese-contaminated fuel, salvage your image – Nsiah to NPA

Energy Analyst Benjamin Nsiah

Energy Analyst Benjamin Nsiah has urgently called on the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) to publish names of oil marketing companies (OMCs) dispensing fuel contaminated by manganese.

His call comes after recent complaints by commuters over bad fuel which they say has affected the performance of their vehicles.

Recall that following these concerns, the NPA, conducted investigations and announced measures in a news release dated November 15, 2023.

“In collaboration with the GSA, the NPA has initiated steps to review national standards. The proposed revision aims to decrease the maximum allowable manganese level in regular gasoline from 18mg/l to 6mg/l and premium gasoline grade from 18mg/l to 2mg/l,” the NPA said.

However, an unsatisfied Chamber of Petroleum Consumers, in a press release dated November 16, signed by its Executive Secretary, Duncan Amoah, threatened legal action against the NPA.

The situation became even more controversial after stakeholders pointed accusing fingers at the government’s Gold for Oil Policy and the Ghana Oil Company (GOIL) for bringing in contaminated fuel – an allegation that was vehemently denied by the Bulk Oil Storage Transportation Company.

Meanwhile, amidst these controversies, Energy Analyst, Benjamin Nsiah has said in order for the NPA to regain its damaged reputation, it must publish the names of the oil marketing companies (OMCS) whose oils were found to be contaminated.

“They created this perception about the industry, selling contaminated products, but if the NPA had mentioned the OMCS involved, at least, consumers will shy away from these OMCs and buy more quality products,” Nsiah said.

The Director of the Centre for Environmental Management and Sustainable Energy (CEMSE) pointed out that this is essential to instill “discipline in the Petroleum downstream sector”.