Saturday, 15 June

Armed robbers kill Master's student on UPSA – UGBS stretch

Police carry the body of a victim in a bag

A tragic incident occurred on Tuesday night as a Master’s student from the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) lost his life in a robbery incident. 

The student was reportedly returning from class around 9:00 pm when he was attacked by robbers operating on the UPSA-UGBS stretch of the Legon-Madina road.

In an attempt to resist the robbers, the situation escalated, leading to the robbers pushing him onto the road. 

Tragically, a speeding vehicle struck him, resulting in his immediate death.

The incident has raised concerns among students, prompting them to express their worries about the inadequate security measures on that particular stretch, especially during late hours. 

Students are drawing attention to the absence of street lights, traffic lights, and security personnel in the area.

The University community is mourning the loss of the Master’s student, and fellow students are using social media platforms to bring this issue to the attention of authorities.

 The call for improved security measures and infrastructure on the Legon-Madina road is resonating among the student body

Source: Mensah