Saturday, 15 June

Driver remanded for alleged robbery, compelling victim to perform oral sex

Scale and gavel

An Accra High Court has remanded into Police custody a driver who allegedly compelled a lady to perform oral sex on him after robbing her of her mobile phone and GHS400.

Francis Doe Kudjawu who is being held on the charges of robbery and indecent assault has pleaded not guilty.  

The Court presided over by Justice Mrs Mary Maame Ekue Nyanzuh was told by the Prosecution that Kudjawu left his victim off the hook after ejaculation.   

This was after Kudjawu had attempted to have anal sex with the complainant but could not penetrate.   

Kudjawu is expected to reappear before the Court on April 4.  

The prosecution has been ordered to file its disclosures while the accused person is also to file an alibi to confirm his claim that he was not at the scene on the day of the incident.  

The Court would however order the Police to investigate the accused person’s alibi.  

The case of the state is that the complainant (name withheld) resides in Tema.  

Prosecution said the accused person also resided in the same area.  

It said on March 29, 2020, the complainant visited her parents at Sakumono and returned home around 9:45 pm.

The Prosecution said when the complainant opened the gate to her house, she drove in her car and locked the gate.  

It said as the complainant returned to her car to put off the engine, she saw the accused “who was in a hooded sweatshirt scale the fence wall into the complainant’s compound.

The accused who was wielding a kitchen knife ordered her (the complainant) to come out of the car. 

The accused dragged the complainant out of the car. The complainant screamed for help, but no one came to her aid.  

The prosecution said the accused dragged the complainant out of the car and ordered her to kneel and tore her dress at knifepoint.  

It said the accused attempted to have anal sex with the complainant, but he could not penetrate after several attempts.  

Accused therefore ordered the complainant to perform oral sex on him until he ejaculated on the floor.  

At knifepoint, the Prosecution said Kudjawu took the complainant’s Hauwei P30 phone valued at GHS1,500 and GHS400 cash.  

The complainant reported the matter to the nearest Domestic Violence and Victim’s Support Unit.  

On May 12, 2020, it said  Kudjawu was arrested for a similar offence and during an identification parade, the complainant fished him out.